Cape-based IT business accelerator, the Bandwidth Barn has appointed a new GM, Chris Vermeulen.

Previously the chief operating officer at Monitoring South Africa, Vermeulen brings a wealth of experience in successfully running a medium-sized company.  He took over the reigns at the Bandwidth Barn in May 2008.
A subsidiary of the Cape IT Initiative (CITI), the Bandwidth Barn has been a home to IT start-ups since 2000.
Vermeulen says that he is impressed with the Barn’s achievements over the past eight years, and with the competency of the management team. “Solid foundations have been laid to take the Barn to the next level."
Vermeulen believes that significant opportunity exists to create strategic opportunities for the tenants of the Bandwidth Barn.  He therefore plans to focus on the Barn’s development goals and engage the major players in the Western Cape’s IT industry to help them achieve those goals.
Vermeulen says that his passion to help people to grow is his primary contribution. This, plus his business management and strategic expertise sees the Bandwidth Barn set for new heights.