Faritec has become the first South African company to offer Google enterprise solutions in the region – and anticipates that the deal will add about R20-million in revenue in its first year. 

Jesper Frederiksen, head of sales at Google Enterprise EMEA, says this will help to increase the reach and presence of Google Enterprise products and services in Africa.
“We are delighted to be partnering with Faritec, particularly considering the Google brand value and Faritec’s position as a leading IT services and solutions provider in South Africa."
Gordon Love, regional executive of Faritec, comments: “As an IT services and solution company, Faritec is constantly looking at revenue streams that enable a move to more software and service-orientated, annuity-based income.
“Faritec anticipates the growth from the Google partnership to be exponential, with conservative sales estimates of R20-million within the first year of trading.”
Having provided SaaS (software as a service) offerings through its security operations centre for the past two years and with a customer base of well over 1 200 organisations in South Africa, Faritec is confident that it can significantly bolster Google’s enterprise footprint in the region by providing its customers with a valuable offering.
Three of Google Enterprise’s primary solution offerings have been identified as opportunities for Faritec. These include Google Enterprise Search, Google Apps Security and Compliance and Google Geospatial.
Google Enterprise Search delivers fast, relevant and secure access to information within an organisation by leveraging and optimising Google's core search technology via the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini. These deliver one view of data across the various public enterprise information stores, bypassing the need for traditional custom integration suites.
Google Apps Security and Compliance services are complementary to Faritec’s existing managed security services offering and focuses predominately on anti-spam, content filtering and secure messaging services provided as a hosted service. This significantly reduces the need for high international bandwidth costs and the associated costs from storage, archiving and support.
Google Geospatial offers a 3D visualisation of the earth that integrates, organises and publishes an enterprise's location data. Google Geospatial places the power of Google Earth inside an organisation, allowing the combination of enterprise data with Google Earth data.
The first phase of the rollout will focus on Google Enterprise Search with those of Faritec’s existing customers which are likely to derive value from the solution. The second phase will concentrate on Security and Compliance with Google Geospatial following thereafter.