Internet Solutions (IS) has laucnhed a WiFi Hotspot service, which it says gives users the cheapest broadband in the country. 

In addition, mobile users can now access over 600 public hotspots countrywide through roaming agreement with Wireless G.
And attractive packages have been introduced to allow for seamless roaming across both networks.
New tariff structures and packages have been implemented at all IS Wifi Hotspot locations, with users able to choose from extended data- and time-based packages.
These range in price from 40c to R1.00 per minute for time-based access and 15c to 60c per Mb for data-based packages.
Additional flexibility has been added to allow the user to choose from a package expiration period of seven days, 30 days, 12 months and no expiration.
The no-expiration time-based packages can be used in separate sessions and are not counted down from the first login.
“On average 30 000 unique users make use of our hotspot network in any given month,” says Justin Spratt, manager of the hotspot division at IS.
“This number is constantly growing as the demand for mobility increases. Travellers and mobile users with laptops and handheld devices demand access in airports, hotels, coffee shops, guest houses and restaurants, all of which IS service.
"In addition to this, our 13 international integration partners provide an extensive network of hotspots across the globe, enabling access in most major locations."