The Netgear ProSafe 48-port Gigabit Smart Switch, targeted at small to medium-sized business (SMB) networking, has been awarded ‘Certified Green’ status by Miercom, a US consultancy specialising in networking and communications-related product testing and analysis.

Netgear’s energy-efficient 24- and 48-port switches also earned Netgear a top-three ranking among numerous competitors in independent research firm In-Stat’s recent study, ‘Green Networking Equipment: Who Leads and Who Lags’.
Armand Steffens, Netgear business development manager at local value added distributor Duxbury Networking, says recent tests by Miercom and analysis by In-Stat recognised the 24- and 48-port Gigabit Smart Switches for their distinctive energy efficiencies.
“To be acknowledged as a leader in this area underlines Netgear’s dedication to industry-leading switch performance and value, as well as environmental responsibility which we at Duxbury Networking fully endorse,” he says.
“Power-saving capabilities are always at the top of our priority list and we are pleased to be associated with Netgear and support its leadership role in this important arena.”
Recent testing by Miercom evaluated over a dozen switches for power consumption. Netgear’s ProSafe 48-port Gigabit Smart Switch was one of the few switches that consumed 90 watts or less at full utilisation of all ports.
According to Miercom calculations, this lower consumption produces a reduction in heat dissipation, which in turn helps reduce data centre cooling loads and associated energy costs.