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Time to set business control levels right


Accsys, a provider of HR and payroll management solutions, will use the Securex 2008 Exhibition in June to launch PeopleWare Enterprise software.

This is the brand name of the complete Payroll, Human Resources, Time and Attendance and Access Control solution on a single database.
The company will also use the opportunity to showcase their new biometric finger print only clock, designed and manufactured in South Africa.
The new software module, PeopleTime, fits neatly into the highly successful PeopleWare range.  It is the latest solution to emerge from the company’s wide range of people management products designed to assist businesses to improve operations and management of key functions.
“The correct and strategic placement of software solutions can lead to measurable return on investment for decision makers. Time and attendance is a critical facet of the modern workplace that is directly related to security and having the right technology in place can save a company time, money and resources by reducing the risk of fraud and other unscrupulous behavior,” says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys.
The new biometric clock is positioned as a proactive, cost effective solution that enables optimum control over time & attendance procedures within the corporate environment.
Biometric technology used in clock-in systems provides a wireless platform that enables instant communication, report generation and updates between multiple sites. The system leverages off built-in cellular modems and companies can tweak the infrastructure to provide clock-in reports at any time.
Benefits of Accsys’ PeopleTime include the reduction of wage bills through the elimination of time theft, fraudulent clocking and controlling unauthorised overtime.
Furthermore the software solution ensures all time-based pay calculations are correct, that statutory and other rules are correctly and systematically applied, and provides for instant access to historical information.
Current market conditions demand that businesses demonstrate optimum levels of control over infrastructure, people and processes says Schroenn.
“Our value as a premier service provider within the field of enhances human resource and payroll administration management lies in our ability to develop and introduce unrivaled technology and systems. These make a real difference to our clients and the market in general,” she adds.
Securex 2008 is used as a forum for innovative companies to introduce the latest trends within the field of business and personal security, safety and protection.   Accsys recognizes the value of being a part of the exhibition and interacting with our resellers and end users.
“We have developed a unique product offering for the South African market. Our message to visitors at Securex is to seriously consider investing in local technology solutions that are designed to suit local requirements as well as locally supported,” Schroenn adds.
Visit Accsys at Securex at the Sandton Convention Centre from 25 – 27 June.