According to Andre Grove, sales and financial director at independent information security solutions distribution company, Condyn, identity management has become completely over-hyped within the current marketplace, with most companies mistakenly implementing user access control solutions instead of what they assume to be an identity management system.

Grove explains that while businesses may have PCs with fingerprint scanners and a tag or card access control system with an associated pin, this does not constitute a complete identity management system.
"When a new employee joins a company, they are given both physical right of entry to the building as well as access to its network and IT systems. A true identity management solution would completely integrate every facet of a user’s access rights – from human resources and logistics to network administration – basically managing what the person does, how they do it and when.
"This type of integration is generally difficult to carry out and is not assisted by many security vendors, who drive fear rather than education."
Grove maintains that organisations attempting to set up an identity management system must start by having the correct policies in place so that employees understand the rules that pertain to it.
"Of key consideration for the business to bear in mind is how to deal with employees that have been terminated or have resigned. How can you stop access to people who no longer work for the company? A true identity management process will allow the business to completely keep track of each individual and what they have access to, suspending these rights once a person has left the company."
As part of its problok Hyper-Shield concept, Condyn can offer users a true identity management solution, with the tools available to even allow businesses to go back several months and check what ex-employees have downloaded to removable media, to e-mails that were sent and so on.
"problok Hyper-Shield is a multi-faceted broad spectrum solution which consists of 'plug-in' modules that can be implemented step by step as an organisation requires them to provide both 'point' solutions where required, as well as a strategic platform through staged adoption over time," explains Grove.
"Protecting existing investments and driven by the real needs of the organisation, this holistic approach will ensure that both immediate and longer term requirements are met through a single source and relationship.
"Condyn is fully aware that the security in a sophisticated organisation demands more than merely understanding the use of the technology, but indeed the complexity of delivering it against clearly defined policies. The problok Hyper-Shield delivers a sophisticated solution for both large and small companies, from one single African supplier that is able to support the solutions locally," he adds.