With soccer fever running high, cybercrooks are now using the names of popular Euro 2008 football players to infiltrate users' PC to make money with spyware, adware and spam – and even gather information to commit identity theft.

The trend for using soccer stars and other celebrities as bait in such scams has grown rapidly in recent years.  Only last month McAfee discovered that cybercriminals were exploiting pop stars such as girl band Girls Aloud to tempt fans into downloading suspect MP3 files.
As Euro 2008 progresses, McAfee joined in the football fever to find out which football players pose the greatest threat both on the pitch and in cyberspace.
He may be dangerous in goal with his "death defying" saves but Italy’s Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon is also the most dangerous footballer in cyberspace – with his name being associated with the most unsafe web sites out of all the Euro 2008 players.
World cup holder Italy may be dangerous on the pitch but they’re equally as dangerous in the cyberspace championships with the highest number of players linked to unsafe websites.
The most dangerous team in cyberspace is: Gigi Buffon; Alessandro Del Piero; Fabio Cannavaro; Klass Jan Huntelaar; Freddie Ljungberg; Tomáš Grigera; Martin Harnik; Cennaro Gattuso; Ruud Van Nistelrooy; Cesc Fabregas; and Carlos Puyol.