Neotel is aiming to differentiate itself from competitors by the level of service delivery that it offers.

Fahida Saib, head of operations at Neotel, says the telecommunications industry is probably one of the most difficult sectors to differentiate yourself in. Technologies and products can easily be replicated by your competitors, but a true differentiator lies in how you approach your customer, he believes.
“Every aspect of the service delivery cycle, every task and every interaction is focused and carried out with the sole purpose of fulfilling our customer’s expectations,” says Saib.
“This is done by continuously ensuring that our operational activities are aligned with the customer’s requirements.”
She says the company is also continuously engaging with customers to ensure that they get regular feedback which is then transferred back into operations to ensure continuous improvement.
According to Saib, the customer service process kicks in as soon as an order is signed by the client.
“The order is quality checked and verified with the customer to ensure that the customer requirements are in line with the actual order,” she says.
The organisation then moves into the planning phase and during this process ensures that the architecture chosen will fulfil the service requirements and that it is sustainable, scalable and flexible.
“This ensures that we can dramatically reduce the delivery timeframes of future orders, because this is where our bandwidth on demand model is applied.”
She says the execution of the service is then conducted. “During this process we ensure that the best of breed technology is deployed.”
Neotel also does quality checks of the physical installation and quality tests of the service during this phase to ensure that there are now issues when handing the service over the customer. “The service is then managed and maintained ensuring compliance to customer expectation.”
Neotel believes that the only way to truly redefine the telecommunications landscape is by providing customers what they need.
“The only way to ensure that you get repeat business is by ensuring that you do things right first time and consistently exceed your customers’ expectations,” she says.
“Concentrating on taking care of the simple yet very important things such as keeping a promise and fulfilling commitments to customers, goes a long way in ensuring a long term relationship, which is something we pride ourselves in.”
Saib also believes in ensuring that your employees are happy, as this will result in them providing the superior service customers have been calling for from the market.
“Customers are desperately seeking a provider who places them at the heart of the organisation,” she says.