Brands such as FHM, Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Die Burger and Kick Off have jumped into the online video space. Each brand, amongst many others, now has its own dedicated brand channel on, South Africa's first online video site.

Online video consumption has internationally proven to be a hugely successful way to spread brand messages. International brands have leveraged significant gains in brand awareness through the integrated use of online video in their marketing mix. MyVideo's South African focus allows local brands for the first time to do the same amongst South African consumers.
Brand channels can also be extended onto a brand's current website. Kick Off Magazine is one of the many brands that have used the MyVideo Channel offering on their website.
Nick Said, online business manager for Kick Off, says: "Not only has our website broadened to include videos we have posted online through MyVideo, but we now have another avenue to touch our readers through a different media form." 'MyVideo has set out to improve the internet video-sharing model by creating a site specifically targeted at South African internet users. "Where videos posted on YouTube are likely to get lost in a sea of clutter, MyVideo ensures that South African content is aired as the sole focus ensuring that companies who use it are connecting with targeted internet traffic," says Tristan Owen, MyVideo's marketing officer.
South African brands have traditionally used television commercials as their only form of consumer-focused video content. However, the rise of online on-demand video has created a need towards video content that both entertains and communicates a subtle brand message.
"By developing content that is both relevant to your brand as well as topical to users, you are creating an empire of possibilities," comments Owen.
Good brand association is essential to the success of a brand and if your brand is able to evoke in the viewer memories of entertaining or though-provoking content, you're definitely doing something right.