Security remains one of the biggest corporate concerns globally as threats evolve to infiltrate even the most secure of networks. One critical point of entry for these threats remains the human factor – employees accessing documents or web sites that have embedded threats that then affect firstly the machine that was used and then ultimately networks as a whole.

“Whenever a user interacts with the internet and downloads software or documents, their desktop unit or laptop is at risk,” says Mark Oelofse, business development manager at StorTech. “Organisations that are best protected are those who ensure that their data remains safe-guarded at all times – therefore remaining within the secure confines of the data centre.”
StorTech’s virtual desktop infrastructure environment is inherently secure as there is no direct interaction between the desktop unit and the data centre.
“While your users all have a view of the data hosted in the data center, at no point do they have direct access to that data,” says Oelofse. He explains that different protocols or languages are used to communicate between the desktops and the data centre and that all communication is encrypted allowing data to remain secure and managed. “There is never any local or cached data on the device.”
Oelofse explains that this solution is particularly relevant to, for example the insurance industry where there are a number of brokers out on the road, carrying critical customer information on mobile devices such as laptops.
“In an environment where critical data is available on a laptop, and the person carrying that data does not back it up very often, the risk of security infiltration not only means a potential loss of data, but also a breach of confidentiality,” he says.
Here a VDI solution will mean that the information is hosted in the data center rather than on the hard drive of the laptop or other unit that the broker carries and therefore creates peace of mind for the client and protects the company when it comes to corporate governance.
“With the virtual desktop infrastructure environment, the key objective is to keep all data securely hosted in the data center to prevent any potential contamination,” says Oelofse. “This means that the risk of infection is eliminated from an end user perspective – true prevention rather than cure,” he adds.