Users are learning about a new world of telecommunications and data connectivity as Neotel works to educate them to expand their thinking beyond the confines of what they've been used to getting in the past.

Head of the company's enterprise division, Stefano Mattiello, explains that enterprise customers are having to adjust their mindsets regarding what they can expect from a service provider.
"We are claiming to be the first converged network in South Africa," he says, adding that many companies are still in the dark about what this can mean for their businesses.
"Most companies have three different accounts at the moment – voice, Internet and data," says Mattiello. "This is three different sets of technology and three different bills to pay."
More significantly, each account is represented by a different physical infrastructure.
"What we can do with a converged network is run one fibre cable to the company' premises and then layer all the different services on top of that.
"This means we are able to configure the services to what the client actually needs – and we can easily change them if the company's needs change."
Because there is one physical infrastructure and all the services layered on top are virtual, this allows greater flexibility.
"They are services – not products that companies have to buy," explains Mattiello. "We find that people are still asking for the products they are used to getting. But we are saying they should rather be looking at what they need.
By thinking about solutions rather than physical infrastructure, Mattiello says companies can run their businesses in a way that makes the most sense, rather then having to do business the way the network dictates.
"Imagine if all the barriers were gone; if there were no communications infrastructure acting as an inhibitor – how would your business change?" he says.
"It means companies can start building their business strategies without communications acting as an inhibiting factor.
"In addition, price isn't an issue any more – we don't talk about price, but of value to the business. If an application will add value, then you take that application as a service."
Currently, many businesses are still stuck in the "old" mindset, he adds, but some are starting to switch to the new mindset.
The good news is that capacity isn't a limiting factor, says Mattiello, with Neotel's network running on 20Gb fibre.