Gartner has named Informatica in the Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant in its Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrants report. Compiled by Gartner's Ted Friedman and Andreas Bitterer, the regularly updated report helps customers choose which vendors are likely to meet their requirements, and which are likely to survive and prosper over time.

Gartner's latest report notes that the data quality and data integration tools markets are converging, driven by organisations realising that the accuracy of data is as critical as its delivery.
Gartner defines leaders as those vendors that excel in both ability to execute and completeness of vision.
"This latest report, in which Informatica's market leadership is again acknowledged, underscores that Informatica delivers what customers need, which is reliable, trusted data," says Paul van Aswegen, GM of Informatica South Africa. "Gartner in particular has made reference to Informatica's recently completed acquisition of Identity Systems as a reason for the company's continued presence in the Leaders Quadrant."
Informatica recently completed its acquisition of Identity Systems from Nokia for a consideration of $85-million. The acquisition gives Informatica market leadership in the identity resolution space.
"The market has moved away from seeking point solutions as companies have begun thinking of the data quality problem as very far-reaching and pervasive," Friedman notes in the report. "[But] unless you're ensuring the quality of what's being delivered, then you're just like a faster manure spreader."
The report recommends that customers evaluate vendors which can deliver data quality technology in a service-oriented fashion, and with flexible pricing models.
"Look for pricing models where pricing is done not in a traditional way, where you license the software for a very large lump sum up front and then pay a small bit of maintenance ongoing," the report says. Among these are lease-oriented models, which permit "customers to get into the software at initially lower price points".
Informatica be been a market leader in this regard, offering its data quality solutions according to the software-as-a-service model.