Esquire Technologies has announced the local release of Intellinet's GuestGate HotSpot Gateway unit, which provides business visitors with instant Internet access while keeping the enterprise network secure.

"The Gateway takes the pressure off IT administrators by allowing guest users to easily access the Internet from designated areas without compromising the security of the network," says Asgar Mahomed, MD of Esquire Technologies.
"Using GuestGate means that visitors are no longer required to reconfigure notebook computers in order to access the Internet through the network. All they need do is log in using a company provided username and password.
"It is also no longer necessary for IT admin to reconfigure the network every time a guest wants to log in, as GuestGate automatically adjusts to the guest computer's TCP/IP settings, making it a snap for IT to accommodate guests who need to get online. It also detects the host network's setting and, in most cases, automatically configures the Internet access."
Using the proprietary Host Network Protection (HNP) technology, GuestGate prevents clients from seeing the host network, while at the same time allowing access to the public Internet. Special privileges, such as access to specific servers and printers, can easily be configured as needed, while still providing host network protection.
For added network protection, users can choose to assign the visitor a password required for accessing the Internet. IT administrators can even limit the amount of bandwidth that guests are allowed to use, further ensuring that the network is not impacted negatively by additional users.