The technology solutions division of JSE-listed Square One Solutions Group has been appointed as an enterprise partner and reseller by the US-based VMware group.

Square One is focused on four key aspects of virtualisation – server consolidation and containment, business continuity, enterprise desktop and the management and automation of data centres.
“Server sprawl is a costly problem faced by large companies worldwide,” says Square One Technology Solutions division virtualisation specialist Greg Fagan. “While the basic concept of virtualisation is not new, VMware is the only organisation that has developed the technology to the point that it allows companies with 20 servers to reduce that total to just five – without any impact on capacity, capability or security.”
Essentially virtualisation allows one computer to do the job of multiple computers with the technology enabling the resources of a single computer to be shared across multiple environments. Virtual servers and virtual desktops allow multiple operating systems and multiple applications to be hosted locally and remotely without physical or geographical limitations.
Virtualisation has a huge impact on costs. Fagan says companies can reduce their rent or bond because they require less space and the cost of server and system maintenance drops considerably, as do the many costs related to data centres such as air conditioning/cooling, uninterruptible power supplies and fire systems.
“Another cost saver for the company that uses VMware to reduce its server complement stems from the redundant servers, which can be allocated to new branches or new companies opening within the group, thereby reducing capital investment.”
Fagan says VMware typically enables large companies to recoup their investment within six to nine months. While the technology uses more storage space it benefits CPU power and memory and increases uptime. The solution provides high availability, even in the event of a server failure as the other server or servers will automatically pick up the workload.
As an enterprise partner, Square One has VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) and Sales Certified Professionals (VSPs). “We are taking the technology into our existing customer base and are also qualified to conduct VMware installation audits for best practice as well as assessments of existing server physical environments and estimations of return on investments for those environments,” adds Fagan.
There are many other “bolt-on” products for VMware solutions that complement the achievement of individual company objectives within the overall solution.
“All of the Fortune 100 companies use VMware solutions to varying degrees, citing  VMware’s ability to optimise their resources, ensure business continuity and server consolidation.”