Uniross has launched the SimpleTech Signature range of portable external hard drives, designed by Pininfarina, the Italian sports car designer.

Intended to meet the growing need for digital content enthusiasts, the latest SimpleDrive portable drive boasts 320GB capacity, or enough to carry more than 270 hours of standard-definition (SD) video, 19 hours of high-definition (HD) video, 63 000 songs or 180 000 photos.
The unit includes a capacity meter placed conveniently on the top of the drive that can be viewed to see available disk capacity. It includes a One-Click feature that activates auto-backup, making backup simple and easy. The StorageSync backup software provides full or incremental backups.
Included with the drive is Fabrik backup software. This enables users to set up automatic backups from their computer to the Signature mini drive, but also backup to a remote site with 2GB of free storage.  
Backups are done in background, giving constant, near-real-time protection without slowing down the computer.
Another feature, Joggle helps users keep track of photos, music and videos. Remote and locally stored files are seen on a single screen and can be easily shared.
Joggle also provides easy tracking, enabling sharing and publishing of photos, music and videos.
The unit is durable and is suited to travelling and is available in multiple colours and capacities. It has an all-in-one high-speed USB 2.0 “Y” cable which also provides power.
The SimpleTech SimpleDrive portable solutions are available in colours and capacities that include sapphire (80GB), onyx (120GB), red (160GB) and the new charcoal gray (250GB).