Intelleca and customer management and contact centre specialist Paladin Consulting have teamed up to boost skills levels in the contact centre, business process outsourcing and offshoring markets.

The combined offering will help elevate the shortage of skills, which have been eroded as demand has outstripped supply in these rapidly growing markets: there are more than 63 000 frontline call centre agents in 1 000 locations across South Africa, while the number of frontline business process offshoring agents is set to grow from 8 500 to 25 000 by 2010.
"This rapid growth in demand for contact centres has depleted the available pool of suitably skilled agents," says Mike Renzon, CEO of Intelleca. "With demand outstripping supply staff costs have soared while productivity and service quality have deteriorated. Our partnership with Paladin is focused on addressing this challenge."
Together, the two companies will offer customised skills development solutions that combine best practices in high-performance skills development with technology that enables the correlation and management of competency, skills and performance outcomes.
Intelleca is South Africa's fastest growing contact centre company, focused on delivering the dynamic contact centre on either a hosted or premise basis. Intelleca's specialist skills and experience in interaction management, resource optimization, processes and contact centre insights enable a holistic offering to the contact centre market.
Paladin, in turn, is a professional services company which focuses on unlocking the value of customers for organisations. It specialises in customer management, contact centre consulting and task-based skills development for high-performance environments.
Underpinning the partnership is Skills Manager, a Web-based content delivery and resource management tool from UK-based Silver Lining Solutions, which Intelleca represents in South Africa.
Skills Manager enables organisations to accurately capture the required and actual competencies of learners, to assess competency development throughout the programme, and to measure the relationships between specific competencies and operational outcomes. Skills Manager defines and manages progress relative to a learner's "skills DNA", which can be customised for any company and any operating environment.
The initial offerings to arise from the partnership include:
* The internationally accredited EDEXEL BTEC Professional Award in performance management (aimed at the team leader level); and
* The high-performance simulation programme (addressing functional skills at the agent level).
Both programmes are enabled by Skills Manager, which has been custom-designed for this industry and proven internationally, and can be delivered in either on-site or off-site modes.
In addition to being the enabler for these programmes, the Skills Manager solution can also be deployed in a client's systems environment, as an integral part of the people and performance management systems.
"We are confident of achieving results," says Andy Searle, MD of Paladin. "Hundreds of learners in South Africa have been through the programmes, with performance typically being improved between 30% and 300%.
"We are excited by the opportunity to make a difference by addressing a critical area, which is fundamental to the success of the business process outsourcing and offshoring sector."