While the Eastern Cape is better known for providing employment in the motor manufacturing sector, the province is now becoming a haven for skilled ICT professionals as well.

Credit management organisation Real People is one of the largest ICT employers in the Eastern Cape region, with over 60 IT recruits.
“The credit management landscape in South Africa and abroad is built on the need to perpetually develop new product innovations, where these need to be diffused into the market with speed, efficiency and accuracy, making this a challenging and stimulating environment for sought-after ICT experts," says Real People CIO Morne Owen.
Owen adds that although sophisticated technology forms a major backbone of the infrastructural setup at Real People, it is the company’s people who are the engineers behind the smart IT platform, making the process of attracting and developing talented, top of the trade IT professionals a strong business imperative for Real People.
‘Project Virtual’, a recent new addition to Real People’s IT setup has been deployed for the purpose of integrating developers, from a myriad of different teams, into new dedicated teams, where non-core projects form the main source of focus.
The purpose of this project is to inspire the use of ‘bleeding technology’ as a means of understanding alternative solutions to common business problems.