Neotel has ensured that it can operate and service customers regardless of whether the lights are on or not, by increasing battery backup at its points of presence (PoPs) and improving national network redundancy.

“It is absolutely critical that our customers have the peace of mind that should there be power outages, their communications can continue as normal,” says Stefano Mattiello, executive head of the Enterprise Group at Neotel.
He says customer service has become the key differentiator in the telecommunications space as technology can easily be replicated.
“In today’s competitive environment you cannot afford to blame external issues such as load shedding for not being able to supply a service to your customers – you have to make sure you’re ready for any event.”
As well as increasing the battery backup at its PoPs, Neotel has also put measures in place to improve its national network redundancy.
“We have rolled out two additional routes between Johannesburg and Cape Town, which means we now have four routes to increase the resilience of our network,” says Mattiello. “We are also making substantial investments in training engineers with leading telecommunications vendors in India and Israel to ensure that we incorporate global best practice in the roll-out and maintenance of our network.”
He adds that this knowledge is then transferred to all other engineers through in-house cross training, thus ensuring continuous skills development.
“We have always said that our customers are at the heart of our organisation and therefore we are putting these measures in place to ensure that they get the quality telecommunications solutions they require.
Mattiello adds that Neotel is increasing the number of service centres it has across the country.
“This means that we can reach outlying sites faster, resolving any faults that may arise much quicker."