Techno hungry travelers can now update their Digi-Nav 2006/2007 software to the latest Digi-Nav Southern Africa 2008 V2.

The Digi-Nav Southern Africa 2008 V2 boasts additional features that will not disappoint consumers, including: a further 100 541km of routable street coverage that has been incorporated into the software thus increasing the total coverage to over 636 693km that covers South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
Additional features also include a further 42 000 branded Point’s of Interest (POI) where company logo’s, such as restaurants or fast food chains, can be viewed on the map, making it far easier for the user to identify with the brand icon while on the road.
“The branded icons feature is the first of its kind for any navigation software in South Africa once again proving that MapIT is the leader in developing new trends and features in digital mapping,” says MD Ray Wilkinson.
Furthermore, residential townhouses can now be searched under the POI category “Buildings and Complexes” – a great feature for any regular South African road user. The Safety Warnings is another new feature that is now built into the software that can help road users minimize traffic offenses and ultimately drive more cautiously.
Nigeria was once a country with no precise mapping: however, MapIT identified the need for digital mapping and has transformed its lack of map information by formulating street level data for the country. In doing so, the JNC Navig8 (with Digi-Nav software) with detailed routes throughout Nigeria and Points of Interest is now sold in stores across Nigeria, enabling tourists and citizens alike to travel around the country with confidence.
MapIT is the African mapping data supplier of choice and is the exclusive supplier of digital mapping for Digi-Nav products.