Webmail has become what it believes is the first African service provider to offer a free 10Gb of storage space to each of its users.

Webmail currently boasts 750 000 active users, but is relaunching its services on 1 July.
For the re-launch, Webmail has expanded its offerings to include a range of applications designed to suit a variety of internet user profiles.
Voice and videomail will now be available to all its users and is a feature that enables the visually-impaired the freedom to communicate via mainstream communication.
Other applications that have been introduced to the site include webchat, an instant messaging system that enables users to chat online or from a cellphone, as well as a fax to email service among others.
"Right now South Africans could do with a little extra for free," says Dennis Armstrong, marketing and business development director for Interface Media, Webmail's holding company. "We've got the platform to offer it, and are bringing even more value to the table. This climate is an ideal opportunity to show why we're different."