Sahara Computers, supplier of information, communication and digital lifestyle technology, proudly introduces the Sahara Inverter to the local market. Management at the company describe the electronic power device as a practical, cost effective solution that could not have been launched at a better time.

There are two kinds of inverters currently available in the market – Square wave or Modified wave and Pure Sine wave.
The latter represents the latest in inverter technology and is mandatory to power any device that requires sensitive calibration. This form of inverter provides electrical power similar to the utility power received from outlets in the home or office.
“This is highly reliable and does not produce electrical noise interference associated with other types of inverters. With its ‘perfect’ sine wave output, the power produced by the inverter fully assures that your sensitive loads will be adequately powered. Computers form part of the group of appliances that are likely to run off sine wave inverter power,” explains Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara.
Depending on the rating and type, an inverter can run a wide range of applications like security systems, lighting, refrigerator, television, microwave and washing machine.
It is positioned as a credible, alternative source to generators because of a number of key aspects, including cost of ownership and performance, the fact that it is automatic, user friendly and low on maintenance.
The solution has been introduced by Sahara to assist businesses as they negotiate the challenge of ongoing disruptions in electricity supply in many parts of South Africa.
“The inverter is an economic, eco-friendly power source that can be easily integrated, runs off battery power and is automatic. It facilitates from “hassle free” continuity of electricity when the mains power fails,” adds Naidoo.
One of the main advantages of the system is the fact that the batteries are charged by the inverter when the electricity is available. In the event of a power failure the inverter converts the DC power from the battery to meet the AC power requirement of the user’s load.
Sahara retains a firm position and competitive advantage within the information technology and digital lifestyle markets and is well aware of consumer’s quest for alternative power supply to run infrastructure. The company has honed in on its global technical expertise in ICT integration and management, its understanding of power supply and electronics to roll the solution out.
”Power cuts and blackouts mean a halt in operation and productivity. This is very costly to any sized company or business, and, given our presence within the digital lifestyle market and our contribution to its growth and development, we have combined our expertise and skills to introduce a solution of value to users in the market,” says Naidoo.