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Columbus SA to manage Govtech 2008 PCs and servers


Columbus SA, a systems management companies, is to host a stand at the Govtech 2008 conference to be held in Durban at the end of July, highlighting its desktop lifecycle management services and technology.

Putting its money where its mouth is, the company has taken on the task of demonstrating its management capabilities in the real world by provisioning and supporting all the PCs and servers at the event. This is the second time the company has fulfilled this role.
"The focus at Govtech 2008 will be on our software's ability to manage the full lifecycle of desktop PCs and laptops, especially as far as licence, content and asset management is concerned," says Theo Fourie, CEO of Columbus. "To show we can deliver on our promises, all the PCs used by the conference organisers as well as those in the Internet café and scattered around the conference centre will be managed 24×7 by Columbus.
"This means that only legal and authorised software can be installed on each system under management. The technology will also ensure users are safe by keeping the antivirus solution operational and up to date. Should anyone install unauthorised software or some kind of malware on a PC, Columbus will ensure it is quickly removed and the system made secure and operational again without requiring physical intervention."
Bram van Zyl, Columbus SA's CTO, will run and support the on-site installation and be available to solve any problems that arise. Given the success and ease with which Columbus technology managed the computer systems at last year's conference in Cape Town, Van Zyl will not have much to do.
Columbus SA will also sponsor the Living Surface at the conference's entrance. The Living Surface is a viewing surface that looks like a fish tank attendees will walk over. They may try to step on the virtual fish, but will not be able to as the fish scurries away each time no matter how many feet are after it. The surface will be there for entertainment value, but also to highlight the capability of multimedia technology today.
Fourie notes that guests from Brainware in Switzerland, the founder of the Columbus range of management software, will also be present. These guests include Reynald Schallberger, the CEO of Brainware, and guests from Japan who were instrumental in the development of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) platform.
Govtech 2008 runs from 27 to 31 July at the Durban International Convention Centre. This year's event is centred on the themes of collaborate, innovate and deliver, focusing on next-generation service delivery.