Comztek is growing its Consumer Electronics Business Unit with the addition of Iomega to its consumer electronic product line.

Heinz Stephan, director of consumer electronics at Comztek, says: “The Consumer Electronics Business Unit is the fastest growing division within Comztek and the addition of Iomega will bolster our already rampant growth.
“One of the leading brands in portable storage and backup devices, Iomega fits in perfectly with the rest of Comztek’s blue chip product mix. The partnership with Iomega puts us in a unique position to offer our customers true end-to-end solutions in the consumer electronics market.
"The decision to work with Iomega was an easy one," Stephan adds. "Comztek sought a partner that would match its culture of innovation and customer centric service delivery, together with providing reliable quality products, and this was achieved through the partnership with Iomega.”
While Iomega will benefit from Comztek’s wide distribution footprint, spanning all of South Africa and several other regions within the continent, the relationship also extends Comztek’s reach into the mid-range portable and network-attached storage market.
“The core focus for Comztek in the next twelve months will be to promote Iomega’s network attached product line while continuing to service the portable storage and backup device markets,” continues Stephan.
The booming digital era has resulted in a sharp increase in the demand for affordable, user-friendly storage and backup devices, and the two companies are poised to bring solutions to the market at the right time and at the right price.