Technology lies at the heart of Spescom's solutions, making the chief technology officer (CTO) role at the company one that is vital to its success.

To better support its vision and strategic direction, the company has thus formally created a fulltime CTO position within the company. Its choice for this critical appointment: Viv Crone, previously CEO of the Spescom DataVoice division.
Says Jene Palmer, CEO of Spescom: "Spescom's goal is to consistently excel in the creation and delivery of communications offerings that assist organisations to maintain a competitive edge. To achieve this, the company has to be cognisant of technology trends and understand their implications for, and impact on customer environments. It also needs to be able to leverage these technologies and trends to create innovative new business communication solutions.
"The appointment of Crone, who has more than 35 years experience in the technology sector and has proven his business management skills on numerous levels, positions Spescom to leverage technology at a strategic and operational level. Crone joined Spescom in 1990 and is highly valued for his technology expertise and business know-how. His leadership and enthusiasm make him an invaluable member of our management team."
Notes Crone: "The way consumers and businesses interact is changing. The Internet, increased mobility and the ongoing deployment of additional bandwidth has resulted in increased consumer demand for more and better remote interaction with the organisations they do business with. This, in turn, has made organisations place greater emphasis on improving service levels and increasing the effectiveness and power of their communications with customers.
"A key part of delivering these capabilities is the implementation of a converged communications infrastructure and the right solutions to measure, monitor and improve performance – an area in which Spescom excels. These trends present key opportunities for Spescom to extend its client base, combining the expertise within its divisions to deliver comprehensive integrated business communications infrastructures that meet new customer requirements."
Spescom's IP is vested in its four divisions, Spescom DataVoice, Spescom DataFusion, Spescom Telecommunications and Spescom MediaIT. Says Crone: "The expertise within these areas needs to be harnessed and combined synergistically to create effective voice, video and data solutions that enhance business communications. The whole thrust is to ensure organisations have the infrastructure they need to readily and reliably communicate both internally and externally with stakeholders, as well as successfully measure and enhance their performance."
The CTO is also tasked with addressing a key issue – the development and retention of skilled ICT resources and investment in the growth of intellectual property (IP) within the business.
Says Crone: "Having the resources to ensure effective, sustainable services and ongoing development of new solutions means we need to strategically ensure that we build our skills base. The dearth of skills in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) arena can only be resolved if companies like Spescom that rely on ICT build more competence."