Wisdom Keys Group (WKG), a 361-degree business marketing consultancy, has formed a non-profit organisation that aims to provide a holistic learning environment to previously disadvantaged individuals.  This entity, called Wisdom Keys Foundation, does not only provide financial assistance to individuals, but plays an important role in creating an atmosphere where individuals are able to acquire business skills, take part in mentorship programmes and enhance entrepreneurial knowledge.

Borne out of the WKG Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme, the Foundation is an extension of the “Strength and Knowledge Programme” and is open to WKG employees, their families and the public.  This Foundation provides assistance via three structured programmes – Scholarship Programme, Internship Programme and Entrepreneurial Programme.
“Beginners do not just need financial assistance; finance is just the beginning. The real challenge for young people in South Africa today is a lack of a holistic “base of knowledge” which provides a wholesome and nurturing environment, an environment which gives learners an opportunity to develop important skills such as discipline, self-management and time management. Hence, the Foundation structured its offering in such a way that individuals get more than financial assistance”, says Shaun Liedtke, CEO of WKG.
The scholarship programme offers tuition fees relating to a specific degree, diploma or course being undertaken by a candidate. This covers registration costs, lectures and study material. Individuals who are interested in studying in the field of Marketing, Communications, Advertising and Business Strategy can apply to participate in the Internship Programme. These candidates must be of a strong character, able to demonstrate good academic performance in secondary school by achieving outstanding results and be determined to succeed in life.  
“We understand the challenges young people are faced with today in terms of career enhancement, financial assistance and relevant work experience – and we understand that a strong foundation is needed. Even though the Foundation started out by providing scholarships in the last three years, we are now pleased with the fact that we have managed to expand our offering to more than just financial assistance," Liedtke says.
Being entrepreneurial from its inception, WKG established the Entrepreneurial Programme to aid individuals and/or small businesses requiring financial assistance, to assist business growth and sustain individual development.  
Businesses which are registered with CIPRO; have a valid registration and tax number, a tax clearance certificate, an annual turnover of under R10 million and not older than two years are encouraged to apply for this programme.
“Our aim is to develop the skills of black students and to motivate them to educate themselves because we know that they are the future entrepreneurs who are capable of making a significant contribution to the national economic growth.  WKG and its seven member companies, each one specialising in a different area of business marketing, will take on one intern per year.  We look forward to receiving and reviewing applications for 2009,” Liedtke concludes.
All applications accompanied by a motivation letter, can be sent to Raeesah Moosa via email to Raeesah@wkg.co.za.