Hackers these days are said to be in it for the money – but now anyone could get rich if they can hack their way through a data encryption system the developers say is unbreakable. They're so sure of their technology that they're offering $1-miilion to anyone who can crack the system.

Permanent Privacy has been verified by one of Harvard's top cryptanalysts, Peter Schweitzer – but the company is also putting up the money for anyone who can
decipher a sample of ciphertext.
Peter White, MD of Permanent Privacy, says: "The world of cryptography shuns and disparages outsiders, but Permanent Privacy is the real thing. You can now send emails and store data with 100% security. Even the Pentagon can't read your secrets if they don't have the keys."
Permanent Privacy will appeal to a diverse user base, including individuals who are concerned about files stored on their computers, or worried that their private emails can be intercepted and read.
Organisations that need to be absolutely certain they don't become the next media embarrassment due to sensitive data being lost or stolen are also among the target market.
Developers may also want to include Permanent Privacy into their applications.
Hackers can get all the details of the reward at www.permanentprivacy.com.