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Colubris launches partner programme with Duxbury


Colubris Networks, a global provider of intelligent wireless LANs (WLANs) for enterprises and service providers, has launched its Advanced Partner Programme (CAPP), a reseller programme designed to provide partners with marketing opportunities.

In conjunction with local distributor, Duxbury Networking, Colubris will provide its South African resellers with a range of support tools needed to optimise their sales activities.
Graham Duxbury, CEO of Duxbury Networking, says the CAPP recognises three levels of participation for ?Authorised?, ?Select? or ?Premier? class resellers who will be selected on marketplace presence, track record and other key criteria.
"Each level combines a range of margin-building incentives and rewards as well as technical and sales training and account management backup to help resellers reap the benefits of their relationships with Colubris and Duxbury Networking," he says.
A feature of the programme is a ?deal registration? facility ? managed by Duxbury Networking ? that gives Select and Premier class resellers access to 5% additional discount on the first product delivery destined for a registered deal or project.  
As part of the new partner programme, Colubris has launched a ?partner portal? providing resellers with product collateral, presentations and online training facilities.
The three levels of the CAPP are as follows:
* Authorised Reseller Partner: Partners at this entry-level membership enjoy an enhanced level of support from Colubris, including access to Colubris WLAN products and services, technical support, sales and technical training, and a wealth of marketing and sales tools featured on the Colubris Partner Portal.
* Select Reseller Partner: This enhanced membership is applicable for members that have demonstrated prior success in strategically capturing WLAN market share and are interested in furthering their investment with Colubris. Select Partners will benefit from an increased level of support from Colubris, including access to award-winning WLAN products and services, technical support, market development funds, sales and technical training, and a wealth of marketing and sales tools on the Colubris Partner Portal.
* Premier Reseller Partner: At the highest level of membership, Premier Partners are a strategic group of partners that have demonstrated superior expertise in planning, designing, implementing and supporting WLAN solutions. Premier Partners go beyond merely selling Colubris WLAN solutions, often providing value-added services and support such as training, installation and configuration services. As a reward, Colubris offers its Premier Partners the highest level of economic incentives, support and commitment