Informatica has announced a groundswell of customer and partner endorsement of Informatica's vision and capabilities for realtime data integration.

Introduced on 3 June, Informatica 8.6 provides a single platform for supporting mission-critical projects within the firewall and beyond with cloud computing, including realtime data warehousing, realtime synchronisation of data between operational systems, operational data hubs, and data services. Informatica 8.6 supports the complete continuum of data integration latency, or timeliness, requirements from batch to realtime.
"Businesses need to react faster than ever to meet escalating customer requirements and compete successfully in today's increasingly dynamic global markets," says Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer at Informatica.
"As evidenced by the recent release of the Informatica 8.6 platform, Informatica is putting the full weight of its realtime data integration technology and expertise into enabling customers to gain a competitive advantage."
PowerCenter Real-time Edition is optimized for realtime analytic and operational data integration use cases. In addition to bringing right-time data integration spanning the latency spectrum, PowerCenter Real-time Edition includes integrated data quality, scalable data services, orchestration, universal data transformation, streaming changed data capture, data synchronisation and replication.
"LinkShare plans to increase its competitive advantage as the largest online pay-per-action marketing network. Part of our strategy is to deliver timely data feeds and data services to our customers and partners," says Jonathan Levine, CTO of LinkShare. "By leveraging the flexible and scalable data services and orchestration capabilities of the Informatica PowerCenter Real-time Edition, LinkShare will be able to consistently roll out new products faster than before, meet customer demands for reporting and analysis, and grow our business by supplying customers and partners with the real-time delivery of holistic, accurate, and secure data."
According to recent research published by Ted Friedman, VP and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner: "Most important for organisations to recognize is that their data integration will require a mix of latencies – while realtime activity is on the increase, there will always be a need for higher latency data integration work, since not all data in the architecture changes frequently, and not all processes, teams and roles are capable of harnessing realtime data." ("Survey on Data Integration Practices Shows Move Toward Strategic Initiatives," June 6, 2008.)
With Informatica 8.6, customers can leverage one solution, and one set of developer skills, for accessing and delivering complete, accurate, high-quality data wherever, however, and at whatever speed the business requires.