Dell has announced the Dell  PowerVault  MD1120, its first storage expansion enclosure designed with small form factor 2.5-inch disk drives.
Dell PowerVault MD1120 affords its customers higher performance through faster access to stored data, improved power efficiency through reduced power consumption and higher data center density through a compact package.

The PowerVault MD1120 features 24 small form factor drives that require 70% less space and up to 50% less power than models featuring 3.5-inch drives. This results in a fully populated enclosure providing more than twice the IOPS per U over traditional 3.5-inch drive enclosures. Equipped with high-efficiency power supplies and the power-efficient 2.5-inch disk drives, the PowerVault MD1120 can reduce overall data centre power consumption.
PowerVault MD1120, designed to provide additional storage for Dell's PowerEdge servers, shares a common disk drive with select Dell servers – resulting in simpler management and reduced cost of stocking spare parts.
When attached to Dell's PowerEdge RAID Controller, the PowerVault MD1120 can scale to six enclosures and house up to 144 drives.
Its drives are connected to a fast, 3Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface, making the PowerVault MD1120 an ideal entry-level enclosure for supporting business-critical applications such as e-mail, database, and online transaction processing.
"The PowerVault MD1120 delivers on Dell’s focus to provide data centre solutions that are effective, versatile and, above all, simple to use," says Doug Downing, enterprise brand manager at Dell South Africa.
"Whether IT organisations need expanded storage for servers taxed by data-intensive applications or are meeting the needs of anticipated growth, the MD1120 is a high-performance, compact, and highly efficient remedy."
The expanded PowerVault MD family gives customers versatility and choice in storage technology for optimal support of business needs. With the addition of the MD1120, customers will have the choice of a 2.5-inch drive enclosure for performance-focused applications or a 3.5-inch drive enclosure when higher capacity is required.