Kgabo Badimo has been appointed CEO of Spescom DataVoice, replacing Viv Crone who has taken up the position of chief technology officer (CTO) for the Group.

Badimo will be responsible for maintaining and growing business within the Spescom DataVoice division.
Badimo holdss a BSc Computer Science, a MComm in Information Systems and an MSc in Data Engineering as well as various business leadership and administration qualifications.
He brings to the company the wealth of experience he has gained in senior management positions at public and private sector organisations such as SAP, Kunjani, MTN, EDS, FNB, Anglo American, SITA and Denel Infoplan.
Says Badimo: "Spescom DataVoice has developed some powerful business communication technologies that directly address key needs within the public and private sector. This division has formidable technical know-how and expertise. It also has its fingers on the pulse of change in technological and business environments. The unique solutions it has developed are testament to its ability to understand business needs, innovate and create business communication solutions that deliver real business value.
"My deep understanding of emerging technologies and their application in the business and consumer sectors coupled with a strong insight into new opportunities within the public and private sectors position me well to drive Spescom DataVoice's growth. My key aim is to improve Spescom DataVoice's brand awareness and its product offerings, more clearly define its sales strategy and use its strong partnerships to enter untapped markets."
Badimo believes his prime management philosophies — to understand, listen and communicate – will stand him in good stead in his new role.
Spescom is a South African company with strong technologies, a reputation for service excellence and innovation, and a commitment to transformation. It has a long history of success and is now entering a new phase of its existence with a clear and undiluted focus on delivering enhanced integrated business communication solutions.
"It is exciting to be joining a company like Spescom with its spirit of entrepreneurship and growth," says Badimo.
Says Jene Palmer, CEO of Spescom Limited: " Badimo's strong technical and business background coupled with his knowledge of the market make him the ideal choice for CEO of Spescom DataVoice. This will provide Spescom with a solid foundation to continue the success of his predecessor whilst driving growth in existing and new markets.
"A large portion of Spescom's intellectual property is vested in the products developed by Spescom DataVoice. We are confident that Badimo will exploit their potential fully and guide the division into lucrative new markets, benefiting the entire group."