Workgroup’s Novell division has announced the creation of the SUSE Appliance Program, which enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to create appliances combining their applications with the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform in one integrated package for end-customer deployment.

Novell has also announced the beta release of SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS, a minimised version of the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform that ISVs can use as a platform for creating appliances.
“As a result, ISVs will realise simplified applications deployment and support while dramatically reducing development costs and easing deployment of applications by end customers,” says Sally Berimbau, Novell product manager at Workgroup.
“The SUSE Appliance Program will enable ISVs to bundle their applications with customised versions of the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform and to deliver the bundle as a software appliance, which can be run natively on x86-based hardware, or as a virtual appliance, which includes a paravirtualised kernel designed to deliver optimal performance in a virtualised environment.”
Virtual appliances built in the SUSE Appliance programme will run on the customer’s choice of hypervisor, including Xen, VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, as both a paravirtualised and fully virtualised guest.
SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS – or ‘just enough operating system’ – is a minimised edition of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server which ISVs can use as a starting point for developing appliances, says Berimbau.
“JeOS is built from the same codebase as Enterprise Server, and applications certified to run on Enterprise Server will carry that certification onto the JeOS platform, as well. As a result, ISVs can more easily support the complete appliance for their enterprise customers.”
A key component of the SUSE Appliance program, the beta release of JeOS is available in several virtual image formats, including VMware VMDK, Xen and as a raw hard disk image. A Microsoft VHD format of SUSE JeOS is planned for release later this year following the official release of Hyper-V.