Incredible Connection has outsourced its call centre operation to Faritec Services Centre, in a one-year renewable contract based on a customised solution which includes a team trained as Incredible Connection specialists.

The solution is designed to fully integrate all interactions between Incredible Connection, its customers and the call centre agents.
Dave Miller, CEO of Incredible Connection, says: “We are confident that Faritec is the right partner for this crucial aspect of our business. The achievement of superior customer satisfaction levels remains a cornerstone of our business philosophy, and this call centre solution is integral to that objective.”
The call centre, which is operational six days a week, takes calls directly from Incredible Connection clients and covers areas such as online orders, queries, equipment faults and repairs, store information, prices, stock availability and complaints. The agents have direct online access to some of Incredible Connection’s systems.
Currently handling between 5 500 and 6 000 calls a month, the new facility provides Incredible Connection’s customers with a single point of contact.
Cecil Harris, client executive of Faritec, says the Incredible Connection call centre agents have a sound knowledge of the retailer’s operation, as well as up-to-date information on Incredible Connection stores and marketing promotions.
“We have built all these interactions into the procedures, and our agents’ access to some of Incredible Connection’s systems is vital,” he says. “Between the agents and the team leader, we have developed an in-depth understanding of Incredible Connection’s business.”
In addition, Faritec appointed a dedicated client manager, Corné Fourie, to ensure the stringent penalty/reward Service Level Agreement requirements are met and to provide Incredible Connection with monthly management reports.
The call centre plays a key role in Incredible Connection’s newly-launched On-Site service offering. Using this facility, customers can tap into the retailer’s mobile force of highly-skilled technical specialists.
The call centre is the central point of contact between Incredible Connection, its customers and these technicians, who assist customers in resolving technical issues on the customer’s site.
Future plans include expanding the Incredible Connection call centre service to extended hours, seven days a week.
“Already, Incredible Connection views the call centre as a valuable part of its business which enables Incredible Connection to provide superior customer service in the highly competitive commodities market,” Harris says.