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DCC introduces high-end Maxtronic RAID systems


Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the availability of
Maxtronic's SAS-SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI) Arena RAID systems, the Arena
SS-8801R and SS-8802R which offer cost-effective, user-friendly solution to
organisations' SAS environments.

Aimed at large enterprises, the Arena systems offer 4Gbps Fibre Channel to
SAS (SS-8801R) and 3 Gb/s to SAS (SS-802R) which deliver high performance
for high-level business applications. The systems are also equipped with
Dual Active-Active Redundant technology or support single architecture which
again result in improved performance efficiency and reliability.
"With the new Arena RAID systems organisations will undoubtedly benefit from
high-end storage solutions that enable improved performance and efficiency,
while also future-proofing their infrastructure investments," says Anamika
Budree, storage solutions product specialist at DCC.
Importantly, the SS-8801R and SS-8802R systems have been developed to adhere
to extended marketplaces such heavy-duty engineering computing, workflow
processing and media broadcasting environments' storage requirements.
The RAID systems can be managed from a number of user interfaces that
include: command line interface (CLI) over local console and secure shell
(SSH); an LCD panel as well as the web-based graphical user interface
(GUI) – RAIDGuard.
Any important or abnormal systems events are recorded and sent out through
built-in e-mailing system to notify the administrator without any
pre-installed software or agent installed. Maintenance tasks, like capacity
resizing, disk scrubbing, and disk roaming are not only online executable,
but can be pre-scheduled to perform periodically.
Key Arena SS-8801R and SS-8802R features include:
* 4U Rackmount for 24 bay SAS/SATA hard disk
* Seamless Fail-over / Fail-back F/T
* Expansion SAS port to extension up to 120 hard disks (RAID + JBOD)
* Concurrent access to the same Disk group
* Non-interruptive Firmware upgrade
* Multiple RAID levels and stripe size per disk group
* Comprehensive RAID levels: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60
* Advanced and comprehensive online RAID management
* Support Windows VDS and MPIO
* Selective storage presentation (SSP)
* RAIDGuard Central to centrally manage multiple RAID.