Citrix Systems has extended its Citrix Advisor Rewards programme to pay
channel partners on sales of Citrix XenServer software that ships as an
embedded feature in servers from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
like HP.

The programme, originally introduced in 2004, pays Citrix Solution Advisors
for designing and delivering solutions based on Citrix application delivery
products, even if a different channel partner ultimately fulfills the order.
Extending the programme to include embedded versions of XenServer eliminates
any potential channel conflict with OEM partners and ensures strong
incentives across the board by compensating partners that influence embedded
XenServer deals as well as those who fulfill them.
Citrix has announced several OEM agreements in recent months to embed
XenServer in servers from leading systems vendors such as HP. As a result of
this announcement, the Citrix Advisor Rewards programme now pays channel
partners on sales of these products, effectively eliminating potential
channel conflict and focusing the extensive expertise of Citrix Solution
Advisors on delivering the best possible solutions to customers.
With OEM products now included in the rewards program, systems manufacturers
that embed Citrix technology can leverage an extensive pool of channel
resources and expertise to address their customers' ever changing needs.
In March 2008, Citrix and HP announced the availability of the integrated
server virtualisation solutions Citrix XenServer HP Enterprise and HP Select
Editions. The new products feature an easy-to-use graphical management
console and are seamlessly integrated with HP Insight Control management
software that administers HP ProLiant and BladeSystem servers.