Biometric technology – based on an interface with physical characteristics of individuals – is fast becoming more of a security investment than simply a means of time & attendance regulation for companies.

This is according to Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys. The company participated in the recent Securex 2008 exhibition and received a significant response to its  biometric-based offering.
"Although it is very soon after the event, we estimate that the overall response that we received was in the region of about 85%," says Schroenn. "There is clearly an interest in biometric technology and its implications as an extension of corporate security and people management strategies."
Accsys launched its PeopleWare Enterprise software as well as its new biometric fingerprint-only clock. Both products are designed and manufactured in South
Africa by Accsys.
"There has been a steady build up of interest by resellers over the latest in biometric clock technology and its ability to interface with new software," says Schroenn. "In our dealings with decision makers at the exhibition there were a number of key points made about HR and people management
"Many users expressed their interest in ongoing investment in solutions that reduce management costs, are convenient in terms of business operational efficiency and that are competitively priced."
Accsys has also attracted the interest of investors and would-be investors from outside the country.
"We received a number of visitors from key regions in Africa, including Botswana and Nigeria, who continue to leverage off advances in HR and payroll technology. There is an ongoing focus on how these technologies can bolster developing markets and the general competitiveness of businesses,"
says Schroenn.