Trend Micro is to offer a comprehensive threat management solution for
enterprises that discovers, mitigates and manages threats in their internal

The goal is to help enterprises respond much faster to risk of data loss
from malware activities, thereby significantly reducing their damage
containment costs and improving their overall security posture.
The new solution is designed from the ground-up to identify and respond to
next-generation threats. It monitors the network to catch hidden malware and
disruptive applications that traditional security products fail to detect;
it collaborates with "in-the-cloud" threat management services for a more
detailed analysis of the customer threat environment; and it then performs
network-wide cleanup and policy enforcement on the infected endpoints.
Powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, a next-generation
cloud-client content security infrastructure designed to protect customers
from Web threats, Trend Micro Threat Management Solution will help customers
* Faster response to risk of data loss resulting from malware infections
transmitting confidential data to the Internet.
* The ability to implement proactive security infrastructure planning and
management due to increased knowledge of pain points in their network and
emerging threat landscape.
* Cost savings in damage cleanup and containment efforts due to earlier
detection of new security threats in the internal network by using advanced
behavioral detection and correlation algorithms.
* Bandwidth and resource savings due to early detection of disruptive
applications and services in the network.
* Detailed reports that help pinpoint the source of the threats, allowing
the IT administrator to quickly respond to incidents which will result in
better allocation and deployment of limited IT resources.
* Easier access to and management of threat/incident information with the
help of a centralized management portal.
* Minimal interruption to existing services due to flexible out-of-band
The threat landscape and the way people work are changing simultaneously. An
underground cybercrime economy has transformed the era of virus outbreaks –
malware writers are creating threats that are very targeted, stealthy and
At the same time, workers are becoming more mobile, portable USB devices are
becoming more popular, and applications like instant messaging, file sharing
and streaming media are increasingly widespread.
Such a combination is making it difficult for IT administrators to protect
their company's internal network.
"This new threat landscape requires not just extreme speed in threat
protection, which is what Trend Micro Enterprise Security is focused on, but
smart, comprehensive protection as well," says Eva Chen, CEO and co-founder
of Trend Micro. "The Trend Micro Threat Management Solution will help our
customers gain a clear and concise view of their state of security so they
can quickly discover, stop and remediate threats. This will save them time,
money and effort."
The Threat Management Solution consists of two product suites: the Threat
Discovery Suite will uncover internal security threats within a network and
provide customized threat reports and threat response recommendations; and
the Threat Mitigation Suite acts on the information provided by the
monitoring device and performs cleanup, policy enforcement and remediation.