Close to three-quarters of executives (73%) are willing to sacrifice at least 1% of their salaries to fund their companies' "green" initiatives.

According to the latest executive quiz from Korn/Ferry International, the greatest number of respondents (40%) would be willing to forgo between 1% and 2% of their salaries. Though a small minority, 3% of respondents would be willing to sacrifice upwards of 10% of their salaries.
Meanwhile, more than one-quarter (27%) of executives would be unwilling to sacrifice any portion of their salary to support sustainability efforts.
When asked about current resources their employers have dedicated to "green" issues, almost half (49%) of executives report that their companies have allocated existing staff, hired new staff, or done both.
Today, this often includes introducing chief sustainability officers into the C-suite. 50% of executives who responded say their company has not allocated any resources to sustainability efforts.
Annelize van Rensburg, partner with Leaders Unlimited Korn/Ferry International in Johannesburg, says there had been a major shift in the ecological awareness of many executives.
"Clearly, the high number of executives willing to personally contribute to their company's green initiatives signals a change in thinking around the importance of sustainability today.
"While there is room for much progress, we are seeing companies dedicate top talent and resources to promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility," Van Rensburg sats.
Interestingly, 69% of the respondents believe that "green" initiatives will take a back seat to profit-driven activities in these uncertain economic times. However, 29% believe that the current economic situation will not have an effect on "going green".
Finally, more than three-quarters of these executives (78%) consider their employer at least "somewhat" environmentally-sensitive, while another 18% do not believe their company be environmentally sensitive at all.