Software upgrade includes skills-based dialing, increased scalability,

integration with Ontario Systems' collection software, and enhancements
designed to help organisations better adhere to telemarketing regulations.
Interactive Intelligence, a global provider of unified IP business
communications solutions, is releasing the latest upgrade to its Interaction
Dialer software, version 3.0, which provides blended outbound dialing and
campaign management functionality.
The upgrade includes skills-based dialing, a "just-in-time" Do-Not-Call
feature, increased scalability, and integration with Ontario Systems'
collection software.
"The enhancements we're introducing with Interaction Dialer 3.0 are designed
to help organisations improve productivity, increase revenue, and more
cost-effectively accommodate call volume," said Interactive Intelligence
founder and CEO, Dr. Donald E. Brown. "A pre-integrated option with Ontario
Systems' collection software further enhances our dialer's role in the large
credit and collections industry."
Interaction Dialer 3.0 includes a new skills-based dialing feature that
minimises abandon rates by sub-selecting in advance and in real-time only
those contacts in a call list that can be handled by available agents based
on skill-set. The use of a sub-set of agents is critical to many outbound
campaigns, such as those involving lenders and insurers that must be
licensed in the states into which they are selling.
A new "just-in-time" Do-Not-Call feature in Interaction Dialer 3.0 helps
"scrub" DNC lists whose status may have changed between the time the
contacts were originally loaded and the time they are dialed. This is a
critical compliance feature as telemarketing regulations increasingly reduce
the time allowed between "scrubbing" and dialing.
Interaction Dialer 3.0 also includes new dialing and database access
optimisations, which enables it to support up to 250 000 calls per hour per
server, or the equivalent of about 1,000 agents on a single server. Unlike
standalone dialers that typically require replicated hardware across
distributed sites as call volume grows, Interaction Dialer can be deployed
in a centralised configuration using the company's SIP-based Interaction
Gateway at remote sites for cost-effective scalability.
A new product by Ontario Systems called Guaranteed Contacts IP provides
integration between its collection software applications and Interaction
Dialer 3.0 to help organisations improve productivity and increase revenue
by maximising contact rates.
Interaction Dialer 3.0 is targeted at mid-size contact centres and large,
distributed enterprises, including the following vertical industries:
teleservices, financial services, collections and credit operations,
nonprofits, insurance and retail.
The upgraded dialer software is available immediately through the
Interactive Intelligence channel of approximately 300 value-added resellers
Interaction Dialer® is offered as a module to the Interactive Intelligence
Customer Interaction Center (CIC) software suite for contact centre
automation. Interaction Dialer® includes preview, power, predictive,
precise, and multi-modal "agent-less" dialing modes.