MSI, represented in southern Africa by Pinnacle Micro, has unveiled its
latest N200 series of graphics card.

Making use of the highest built-in multi-cores enhanced graphics processors
in the company's history, the N280GTX-T2D1G has 240 processor cores with a
1Gb graphics memory. The N260GTX-T2D896, meanwhile, has 192 processor cores
and 896Mb in graphics memory.
The MSI N@00GTX series seamlessly shifts intense processing tasks from the
CPU to the GPU, offering significantly faster processing times.
Shaun Welgemoed, MSI's product manager at Pinnacle Micro, says:
"Earlier-generation GPUs have delivered real-time images that appear
true-to-life; but this illusion quickly fades when animation and physical
effects are introduced – or complex scenery and multiple characters enter
the scene, bringing frame rates screeching to a halt.
"With the power of the MSI N280GTX and N260GTX's second generation unified
architecture and NVidia's new GPU PhysXT technology, gamers are pulled
deeper into the gaming experience than ever before."
Second generation NVidia Unified architecture delivers 50% more gaming
performance when compared to the first generation through 240 enhanced
processor cores that provide incredible shading horsepower.
MSI's N280GTX and N260GTX series support for NVidia PhysX technology enables
a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and
realistic experience.
"With the power of the GeForce GTX 200 CPUs' second generation unified
architecture and NVidia's new GPU PhysXT technology, users can experience
convincing facial animation, multiple ultra-high polygon characters in
complex environments – and fully simulated physical effects such as weather
and explosions that deliver a truly immersive and dynamic 3D gaming
experience. With MSI's N280GTX and N260GTX series, users can really bring
their 3D games to life," says Welgemoed.