While the retail market is under pressure due to high levels of consumer indebtedness, it appears that retailers are increasingly boosting notebook sales – especially for those notebook vendors that have a strong retail presence.

This is according to Christopher Riley, the CEO of notebook and accessories supplier, The Notebook Company.
Riley says that although retail sales are showing a real decline due to high interest rates, high food and oil prices -which are bringing pressure to bear on consumers – research is showing that notebooks are delivering good profit returns for retailers. This, naturally, is encouraging them to push the sales of notebooks.
"Notebooks don't take up all that much space on shop shelves and they are high ticket items, selling for R8 000 upwards. Margins, therefore, are better then many other items. There is also an interesting trend that us unraveling," says Riley.
"Several years ago the bulk of laptop sales were to corporates and small businesses because this was were the demand was – and the home market had limited access to the necessary disposable income.
"Now it is not just well-heeled whites who buy laptops. Laptops are becoming a 'must-have' item with many individuals."