Workgroup has announced the local availability of Corel's WordPerfect Office
X4, an alternative to Microsoft Office.

Available for download, WordPerfect Office X4 (WPO X4) combines all of the
trusted features that WordPerfect Office is know for while breaking new
ground as a PDF office suit. Offering a full range of PDF capabilities WPO
X4 makes is easy for users to import, edit and export PDF documents –
including scanned PDFs – dramatically simplifying user workflows and
reducing the need for third-party PDF software.
This is according to Kevin George, Corel product manager at Workgroup who
says that, in addition to the PDF enhancements, WPO X4 provides suite-wide
compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007 files (OOXML) and Open Document
Format (ODF). With PDF-reading software installed on most PCs, WPO X4
enables users to collaborate and share files more broadly and more
effectively than before.
"Corel has delivered an office suite that enables users to more effectively
communicate their ideas and achieve best results. WPO X4 builds on the
strengths of WordPerfect, adding more PDF capabilities, more Microsoft
Office compatibility and new tools for collaboration, digital note taking
and business intelligence."
WPO X4 includes the familiar word processing, spreadsheet, slide show and
email applications that have distinguished Corel's office suite:
WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations and WordPerfect Mail.
"This release also features additions including Corel Connector online
services, WordPerfect Lightning for digital note taking and Corel Visual
Intelligence SE for data visualisation and business intelligence," says
George. "These elements, in combination, make up a powerful suite that helps
customers communicate more effectively and with greater impact."