MobiClicks, a specialist mobile advertising and marketing company, has
served up 2-billion advertising impressions on the mobile Web since the
company was established 2007.

The figure is strong evidence of the rapid growth of the mobile advertising
market in South Africa. South Africa is one of the fastest-growing mobile
advertising markets in the world, ranking fifth out 160 on the list of
countries that generate the most traffic on AdMob, the world's biggest
mobile advertising network.
Says Shaun Rosen, MD and founder of MobiClicks: "We are proud to achieve
this milestone so quickly, and expect the next 2-billion impressions to rack
up even faster. More and more South African companies are beginning to
understand the value and efficiency the mobile phone offers as an
advertising channel."
Admob MD Russell Buckley, says: "The relationship between AdMob and
MobiClicks has benefitted the local mobile advertising industry by
introducing a great number of companies to an effective and targeted
advertising medium."
MobiClicks' clients include a host of top brands in South Africa, including
the likes of Samsung, iBurst, Cellfind and Axe. Rosen notes that the mobile
advertising industry is still relatively small, but is enjoying meteoric
growth around the world.
According to market researcher Strategy Analytics, global mobile ad spending
amounted to about $1.4-billion in 2007 and is expected to rise to about
$14.4-billion in 2011. About half of that money will be spent on the mobile
Web, says Strategy Analytics.
"The reason that mobile advertising is taking off so strongly is that
companies are beginning to understand the benefits it offers:
personalisation, time-sensitivity and location awareness," says Rosen. "You
can reach customers with messages that are not only relevant to them as
individuals, but also relevant to the time and the place you're talking to
Like online advertising, mobile advertising is highly measurable and allows
brands to enter into sustained dialogue with consumers. Mobile campaigns are
also cost-effective and efficient in terms of implementation and concept
development, says Rosen.
MobiClicks goes beyond generating advertising impressions by helping clients
to develop complete mobile marketing and advertising strategies. Clients can
choose from a range of solutions depend on the needs of their business or
campaign – from a simple non-clickable ad to offer-based advertising which
offers the consumer something in exchange for information.