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Telcel brings Mexico’s wireless Internet to life


Telcel, Mexico's leading wireless operator, has launched its
third-generation (3G) high speed broadband network in several cities,
bringing the power of the wireless Internet to customers.

Telcel aims to attract new subscribers to its service through the offer of
innovative services such as live video sharing, news and entertainment in
the most important cities of Mexico nationwide.
Nokia Siemens Networks, one of Telcel's preferred vendors of this
technology, participate in this milestone project providing a solution
combining infrastructure and services based on High Speed Downlink Packet
Access (HSDPA) standards built on its acclaimed Flexi BTS technology. The
work with Telcel on the launch of these services, confirms Nokia Siemens
Networks' position as the leading provider of 3G technology in Latin
Third-generation (3G) wireless technology with High Speed Downlink Packet
Access (HSDPA) will allow Telcel's customers to enjoy the benefit of
broadband speeds throughout the new service areas on their mobile devices.
This means faster data transmission through the mobile network at broadband
speeds of up to 2 megabits per second during peak times, as well as expanded
voice capacity, in this initial launch.
The Flexi BTS technology is a flexible platform on which future upgrades for
even higher data speeds can be added very efficiently through SW upgrades.
This again mean fast and efficient introduction of the next step which is
Long Term Evolution (LTE) that further dramatically enhances the user
experience of wireless data" said Armando Almeida, Head of Latin America for
Nokia Siemens Networks.
The commercial launch of this 3G network will help Telcel to attract new
customers through innovative high-speed data services and increased voice
capacity, while also providing significant benefits to its existing