DreamWorks Animation is to move away from AMD chips and will start making its new 3D movies using Intel processors.

The studio, which recently released "Kung Fu Panda", which was created using AMD technology, has had a relationship with the chip-maker for the last three years.
Having attained the milestone of animating animal fur with the existing technology, the studio is now ready to make all its movies in 3D and needs the increased processing power of the Intel chips to achieve that.
The first all-3D movie will be "Monsters vs Aliens" due for release in March 2009.
3D is a lot more complicated than traditional animation as the viewer sees different images with right and left eyes – requiring a huge amount of processing to achieve.
The workstations and servers at DreamWorks will be converted to Intel chips of the next 18 months, while Intel engineers will tweak the DreamWorks software to run on the new hardware.