SecureData Security, the local distributor of eEye Digital Security
products, has announced the immediate availability of Blink 4.0, which has
added Vista and Windows 2008 support to the popular and award-winning
endpoint protection platform.

The new version of eEye Blink has already received acclaim from product
reviewers and analysts. Blink 4.0 received a positive review in the May
issue of Virus Bulletin, a widely recognised publication that is respected
for its independent comparative testing of anti-virus products.
According to the review, Blink 4.0 provides a superb breadth in a single,
well-designed and solid package for users that need to control and enforce a
demanding and detailed security policy.
Says Andrew Osche, product manager at SecureData Security: "Blink 4.0
application offers an end-to-end solution that allows companies to combat
the growing number of malware variants in the wild today. It provides a
complete endpoint protection platform with full-featured integrated threat
management capabilities."
Blink 4.0 combines multiple layers of endpoint security capabilities and
leverages a host-based intrusion prevention engine that dynamically collects
and incorporates new threat data in real time. Blink 4.0 also enables users
to have centralised policy control over applications, system resources and
removable storage devices.
Blink provides virus and spyware protection, intrusion prevention and
vulnerability assessment, and system and application firewalls that protect
desktops from malicious zero-day attacks, ID theft, keylogging, phishing,
and variants of malware such as hijacking by botnets.
Available since 2004, Blink has successfully stopped 100 percent of remote
intrusion attempts.
According to the Virus Bulletin, Blink 4.0 helps companies to provide solid
security from malicious code and attacks, implement a complete usage policy,
and manage how a system and its user operate together. The platform also
enables organisations to control access to unwanted software and web
resources and maintain hygiene standards and accountability through logging.
Other independent product reviews also give Blink high marks: "eEye
performed best in detecting exploits. It was the clear leader in identifying
client-side attacks, alerting on all of our tests," said Information
Security Magazine in its November 2007 issue.