Neotel is about to start testing its WiMax offering with its enterprise customers, and will offer the technology as an optional last-mile offering for all its enterprise products.

This is according to Rajeev Sinha, head of products and solutions at Neotel, who adds that the wireless offering will be seamlessly integrated into the carrier's network.
He says that, while WiMax has been dubbed a cost-effective technology which can be deployed rapidly for last-mile telecommunications services connectivity, it is
however critical for it to be fully integrated into the rest of the service.
"Neotel has established a multiplay focus," he says. This includes voice, data and internet including virtual private networks or VPN. "Therefore our wireless broadband offering for the enterprise is positioned to provide all the benefits of wireless access technologies whilst providing Neotel's multiplay enterprise products to customers."
According to a recent study by World Wide Worx, 2008 should see a significant increase in WiMax deployment, with 20% of companies deploying as an element of their overall connectivity. The report does however state that it will not be the primary connectivity, but rather be deployed where fixed line and digital line options are not available.
Sinha believes that WiMax has a specific role to play in connectivity.
"Where there are long distances between existing infrastructure and the client and there is a need for fast deployment, it makes sense to use WiMax," he says.
Sinha also believes that those companies that require subrates will benefit from the technology.
"There is tremendous demand for circuits less than 2Mbps as well as for quick implementation, therefore we believe our clients will get the best of both worlds with our WiMax last mile offering," he concludes.