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Open Group hosts life assurance enterprise architecture event


The Open Group, the vendor-neutral standards body, is to host a discussion
around the topic of business architecture for life assurance companies.

To be held at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park on 23 July, the event will
involve key players in the insurance sector, with a view to promoting an
industry collaboration aimed at establishing a reference business
architecture for life assurance.
"Enterprise architecture as a discipline is rapidly growing locally and
globally, and many organisations are now establishing a formal enterprise
architecture office," says Sarina Viljoen, manager of The Open Group in
South Africa. "Enterprise architecture is positioned as the discipline to
assist organisations in maximising the value to be derived from all
strategies and projects."
The event is The Open Group's second locally driven initiative to form a
vertical in conjunction with leading organisations in that industry. The
other vertical will also be announced soon.
SDT Financial Software Solutions, which is sponsoring the event, has taken
the lead in making available its business architecture models. "The business
process models will serve as the primary input into the business
architecture of the vertical, should the event lead to interest in
establishing such a vertical," says Viljoen.
This process recognises each organisation's need to use a reference model to
"kick-start" a business architecture, but to complete its unique features in
the enterprise architecture iterations that follow.
This one-day session will allow industry thought leaders to reflect on the
value of collaboration, and specifically business architecture, in
"Delegates will have an opportunity to see the SDT process models with a
view to creating an understanding of how collaboration around industry
reference models could propel an architecture effort forward," says Freda du
Toit, executive director of SDT Financial Software Solutions.
Du Toit and Real IRM CEO Stuart Macgregor will be among the speakers on the
The agenda includes:
* The state of enterprise architecture in South Africa, and the value
proposition it offers;
* SDT's models as input into a proposed reference business architecture for
life insurance
* Debate around the need for an industry vertical
* The Open Group as a vehicle to facilitate the process
* Discussion around next steps for establishing an Open Group Forum