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Poynting lists on JSE


Poynting Holdings Limited listed on AltX yesterday. Poynting is a leading
antenna design and manufacturing company within the wireless
telecommunications industry, supplying antennas to commercial, defence and
specialised customers.

"We are excited to be listed, wireless telecommunications is a growing
market and this is creating an ongoing demand for our products," says CEO
Andre Fourie.
He says listing will enable them to take advantage of this growing demand
locally and internationally. The capital raised will be used to fund growth
and working capital, develop products and sales channels and invest in
research and development.
Poynting currently captures 30% of the South African market with their
current product set. The commercial antennas can be used to improve
reception on cellular phones and wireless internet connectivity and in
vehicle tracking devices.
"Our defence antennas are custom designed for local and international
military use such as direction finding and signal monitoring, tracking and
jamming," says Fourie.
Antennas can be fitted into devices during manufacture or sold separately,
the smallest of which are used in cellular tracking applications while
antennas manufactured for the defence industry can be as large as 10m in
Poynting was established in 1990 by Professor Andre Fourie at Wits
University. A core team recruited largely from the university itself and
recognised in the ICT industry as world authorities on antenna design,
together with Andre, quickly grew the company.
"Our experience and knowledge allow us to anticipate industry trends and
design our products to high specification to suit the current and future
needs of our customers," says Fourie.
Poynting is divided into the commercial antenna division and the defence and
specialised antenna division. In 2007, 50% of total revenues were generated
from exports. The company's revenue split was 73% commercial product sales
and 27% defence product sales. Revenue for its year ending June 2007 was
R44-million. Forecast Revenue for the years ending June 2008 and 2009 are
R58-million and R102-million respectively.
Poynting's customers include, among others, Vodacom, MTN, iBurst, Netstar
and Ericsson on the commercial side, and Armscor and Saab Grintek on the
defence side. It has registered a number of patents and designs, with
intellectual property residing in a range of more than 200 products.
The company has developed a number of low cost antenna manufacturing systems
that allow it to produce competitively priced products for local and
international markets.
"This allows us to produce lower priced products without compromising
quality," says Fourie.
Poynting Europe is a customer of Poynting, established in 2007 for the
dedicated distribution of both Commercial and Defence Products in Europe.
Poynting currently does not hold any shareholding in Poynting Europe.
.Post-listing plans are in progress to acquire a 49% stake in Poynting
Europe, subject to exchange control approval being obtained.
Poynting recently successfully raised just over R20-million during its
private placing. The forward PE to June 2009 is 4.7 to 5.8