Spescom DataVoice has launched a world first solution that unifies mobile
and fixed-line telephony recording. The Libra Mobile solution represents a
new frontier in voice recording for Spescom, and fulfils a vital and growing
requirement within the increasingly technologically driven business
communications arena.

Pioneered by Spescom DataVoice, the Libra Mobile recording solution records
conversations on the mobile device and stores it in an existing corporate
recording environment, where it can be seamlessly accessed along with all
other recorded calls.
This enables all business users, rather than just those employees in call
centre environments or otherwise office-bound, to benefit from a recording
solution that not only ensures legal compliance but mitigates risk and
enables accurate record keeping.
The Libra Mobile solution now forms part of Spescom DataVoice's Libra Voice
Recording Solution and integrates with Spescom's fixed-line enterprise
recording solutions that cater for a wide variety of ISDN, Voice over IP
(VoIP) and analogue telephony environments.
Says Kgabo Badimo CEO of Spescom DataVoice: "This new development from
Spescom is particularly remarkable not only because it is a world-first but
also because it is meeting the dynamic business communication demands that
now incorporate and integrate with mobile telephony."
Businesses are faced with the challenge of compliance with legislation such
as the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) and the
Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) which require them to keep a record
of their communications with clients.
However, the mobile office worker has created the requirement for a solution
that can record conversations received in the office as well as on a mobile
phone from any geographic location including international callers.
Business risk is another key factor for companies and being able to access
recorded verbal exchanges of information is crucial. Previously, only
information in the written form was recognised as legally binding but verbal
conversations now form part of contractual commitments too, driving the
business requirement for Libra Mobile.
Having a solution that keeps an accurate record of verbal exchanges on
mobile phones, significantly reduces risk for companies, providing them with
peace of mind. This is exactly what Libra Mobile delivers.
Says Viv Crone, CTO at Spescom Limited: "This solution is in keeping with
Spescom's goal of providing our clients with solutions that improve their
business efficiency through improved business communications.
"Our technical understanding of our markets and our clients' evolving
business communication needs led to this innovative development. It will
assist organisations to focus on their core business with the knowledge that
their risk is mitigated with Libra Mobile."
The Libra Mobile is installed at the customer's premises while software is
download over-the-air (OTA) to identified mobile phones, enabling mobile
conversations to be recorded anywhere, anytime.
Libra Mobile offers a unified view of all enterprise communication and
extends the existing functionality and tools used within a fixed line voice
recording environment, such as quality management, archiving and Web access
to recordings, to mobile conversations. This information can be searched,
retrieved, played, exported and emailed, providing the business with timeous
access to information and the ability to act on it quickly.
Crone adds, "The key differentiator with this solution is its integration
capabilities. It allows customers to extend their existing DataVoice
recording solutions to include mobile phones, while still exploiting the
benefits of existing deployed applications. Libra Mobile is a natural
extension of Spescom's current voice recording solutions and reflects the
company's expertise and experience in the voice market."
The company launched its first voice recorder in 1991 and has gone on to
deliver new, innovative technology based on an intimate understanding of
customer needs and requirements, and market trends. This development was
spearheaded by Spescom's research & development (R&D) team, which is
committed to developing new business communication solutions and services
that enhance the process of communication between an organisation and its
Says Jené Palmer, CEO of Spescom Limited: "Building solid communication and
connectivity foundations for our clients is a key driver of our business. By
providing specialised solutions like Libra Mobile to meet the specific
communications needs of our customers, we assist in optimising and enhancing
their business infrastructure."