Sybase has entered into a partnership agreement with Cable&Wireless, giving
it exclusive worldwide rights to market and sell mobile data roaming

Sybase also announced that it has acquired the Cable&Wireless international
inter-operator MMS Hubbing service.
"Messaging is the convergent platform for enterprise applications and a core
part of our Unwired Enterprise strategy. Now, enterprises will be able to
offer their customers access to all types of information anytime, anywhere,
across any carrier network through a single platform only offered by
Sybase," says John Chen, chairman, CEO, and president of Sybase.
The MMS Hub and the management of the Mobile Data Roaming Service will be
integrated into Sybase 365, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sybase led by Marty
Beard, president.
"This agreement solidifies Sybase's current and future leadership in global
messaging reach for SMS, MMS and Data Roaming Services (GRX)," says Beard.
"We now have the strategic ability to adapt and grow services as the mobile
ecosystem migrates to an increasingly multimedia/IP-based infrastructure.
This is part of our continued commitment to add value to our operator and
enterprise customers."
The deal will make Sybase the world's largest GRX provider with 73 direct
operator customers. Coupled with 17 peering agreements, the GRX reach
extends to almost 500 mobile operators.
Sybase also becomes the world's largest international MMS interoperability
provider with direct peering agreements with 40 customers and reach to over
250 mobile operators.
The integration of Sybase's person-to-person (P2P), high volume US-based MMS
Hub with the newly acquired Cable&Wireless Hub creates a new geographically
diverse MMS ecosystem enabling truly global exchange of MMS messages.
The amount of the all-cash transaction is undisclosed, and the transaction
is not expected to have a material impact on 2008 consolidated results.